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Cybersecurity services.

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Our Kounter team can perform external penetration testing, internal security scans of all your devices, and AI-based anomaly alerting so you can be assured that your organization is safe from all threats. And our reports and security roadmaps make your “next steps” crystal clear. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your organization is safe and secure.

Perimeter Security

Our advanced penetration tests use the very latest security threats to exhaustively analyze your entire external attack surface.

Security & Authentication

We ensure the very strongest security mechanisms are being used and are implemented correctly for all scenarios.

Clear Recommendations

Our reports and security roadmaps provide clear 'next steps' that we are happy to help you take action on.

Areas we focus on.

Years providing cybersecurity services.

Protect your organization.

In today’s interconnected landscape, cybersecurity is imperative. It safeguards your business from malicious cyber threats like viruses, phishing, and ransomware, preserving the confidentiality of private and financial information. It ensures uninterrupted operations, compliance with data protection regulations, and a reputable image. Additionally, following solid cyber security practices can shield your intellectual property from unauthorized access. Our Kounter team will not only alert you to weaknesses and help you address them—we can stay engaged and keep you safe.

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