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Advisory & leadership aligned to your needs.

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We assign you a dedicated Digital Advisor to work with you from ideation to execution. They are an experienced expert in the IT industry and will help you build an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals.  Your Advisor will answer your questions, provide insights, and ensure your project stays on track. 

A Digital Advisor is just like a CIO.

What is a CIO?

Chief Information Officer. This person helps your organization to take full advantage of the right technologies at the right cost. They align your technology with your business and its goals.

Why do you need a CIO?

Business is more dependent than ever on technology, and the advances seen in last 5 years—such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)—are now critical in giving you a competitive advantage.

What is a Digital Advisor?

They are an experienced technology planner who's objective is to help plan the right technologies for your unique needs. Simply put, Konnect is CIO-as-a-service.

How does a Digital Advisor Help You?

Most companies cannot afford the cost of an experienced CIO. In fact, most companies with fewer than 500 people don’t have one. Instead, they either have an IT manager or they out-source IT to an outside vendor. They trust them to care for all of their technology decisions.

The problem with this approach is that this does not lead to innovation or what is best for the business. With our Konnect service, you get an experienced technology advisor who also has extensive business experience and knows how to align technology with your business needs. Further, you get this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CIO.

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What can a Digital Advisor do for you?

How much does Konnect cost?

First of all, time from a Konnect Digital Advisor is included in every Komplete managed services agreement. So, it’s not an extra cost if we’re caring for your overall IT needs.

What if you’d like a Digital Advisor to assist you on an on-going basis without using our Komplete team? In those cases, some of our clients pay $1000/month and some pay $3000/month. Every company’s needs are different, meaning you only pay for what your specific needs are. But as you can see in the cost comparison graphic, our service doesn’t actually cost you anything—it will save you money. And the assessment is free.” To this instead: “Regardless of your requirements, one of your Digital Advisor’s goals will be to save you money on your overall IT speed—even with the cost for Konnect included.

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Starting Price
$ 500

Meet our Digital Advisors.

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Jordan Byman

Jordan has nearly 30 years of experience as a Business Analyst and Systems Architect. He is also experienced with EOS and specializes in aligning technology with your business.

Bruce Duggan - Director, Managed Services

Bruce Duggan

Bruce has been a Systems Architect and senior software engineer for nearly 30 years. He is well-versed in EOS concepts and in building technology roadmaps.